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The 90% highly concentrated marine collagen ampoule is anti-aging & makes your skin tight & supple again. Tightens & tones up skin, forms a protective film, moisturizes & improves skin texture & elasticity.


Key Nutrients

  • Reboot your skin with Roushun's collagen power lifting, part of original skin energy ampoules that is an essential factor solution for your skin's problem areas.
  • The original skin energy firms, restores lost collagen & tightens loose skin due to age.
  • It gives you back your radiant shine, elasticity & fast skin metabolism with its high concentration of collagen.
  • The marine collagen creates a skin protective barrier, effectively tones up skin & maintains moisture & smoothness.
  • The ampoule's thin consistency allows the solution to be readily absorbed & deeply penetrative for an instant lift.
  • It's time to say goodbye to wrinkles & plump them out of our system. Onward to revitalizing tight, firm & healthy skin - It's like giving an intense glute workout or face lift to our skin.