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Don’t want hair growth to determine your choice of clothes? Try fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removal Cream. Enriched with Sandalwood extracts, the cream has high Jojoba Oil contents that not only moisturizes your skin but also makes it feel smooth and supple. Its anti-darkening properties remove the signs of sun damage from the surface of your skin thus leaving you with a flawlessly glowing skin.


Why Fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removal Cream (Sandal)?

• Anti-darkening properties

• Enriched with Sandalwood extracts & Jojoba oil

• Suitable for dry skin

• Gives you a flawless & glowing skin



• Apply the cream evenly using the spatula

• As soon as the removal cream’s action start (within 3-6 mins) start removing the cream using cotton or with the spatula

• Rinse with plain water & pat dry

• Apply Fem Anti-Darkening post Hair Removal Cream for a glowing & healthy looking skin