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Stay confident for 48 hours with this long-lasting odor protection body spray with rich, smooth, high-definition scent. All. Day. Freshness.


About the product

AXE Dark Temptation protects you against odor for 48 hours. With a smooth, dark chocolate high-definition scent Bust odor for 48 hours All-day confidence. All-day fresh. All-day irresistibility

Zero-fuss deodorant body spray gets you fresh quick. Infinitely recyclable metal can

Formulated without aluminum. New odor-busting zinc technology

This is the type of chocolate that won’t melt away when things get hot. With 48-hour high-definition scent, AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray has got you covered. Get ready for whatever comes your way with this smooth dark chocolate scent that’s impossible to resist. Fresh, new-look can. Same AXE Dark Temptation scent that you can rely on. But that’s not the only new thing – our revolutionary new dual-action technology fights odor-causing bacteria so you can bust odor and smell irresistible for 48 hours. So that no matter what comes your way, you’re ready. Fresher you, cleaner planet. By 2025, AXE aims for all our packaging to be recyclable or to include recycled materials. Welcome to the future. It smells amazing. AXE. Smell ready.